GENERATORS in Southern MaryalndNever Feel Powerless Again!

Be prepared with BACKUP POWER for your HOME AND BUSINESS… order a generator now.

Simmons brings you a wide range of choices in automatic standby power allowing you to choose enough protection to back up either a few essential circuits or your whole house or business.

In addition to the obvious loss of light and water, a power outage during the winter could result in the loss of heat and burst pipes. A power outage in warm weather climates could result in the loss of air conditioning and mold damage. In any climate, food left in refrigerators or freezers without power is likely to spoil.

For 24/7 protection from power outages, trust the#1 selling Generac automatic standby generators.

Simmons is an authorized Sales & Service Generac Dealer.  Simmons offers around the clock Generac* certified technicians to assist you with maintenance and service calls.

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