Southern MD Heating and Air Conditioning Company Reviews



-By Richard & Laura L.
“I can recommend Simmons Heating and Air Conditioning. He was here this morning to do my yearly tune-up on my system. He was here a month ago when I needed a new thermostat. And, they come out and they look at my generator that I’ve got.

They are excellent. They are probably one of the best and I’ve lived all over the country. The elderly couple that lived here before me used them, so I just carried on with them and they are great.  They are responsible and honest. I’ve had other service providers that came out and tried to take me for a ride. For the yearly tune-up, they come out and clean the system, the air conditioner and heater and all that. It is like a contract: you buy that and they come out once a year and they will do that, every year you pay that amount.  And then, if anything goes wrong, I get a 20% discount on any kind of service that is required. They have a habit of sending out the same guy, and he has been there for years. He used to take care of the elderly couple that had been here before me for quite a few years. He showed me to work the system; you don’t see that too often. They keep it on record when you call them up and they try to keep the same guy going to the same properties. They are familiar with the customer and they are familiar with the property. It is a good way of doing business. This guy doesn’t show up at your door without the booties they put on their feet—they respect your home.”

Superpages Review by jeffblue25
I was so happy these guys were able to figure out hot to fix a cooling problem I have been having for a while. I was thrilled the job was completed quickly.

Superpages Review by lancastermclean
Came on time and the gentleman was very polite. The repairman shared some tips with us so that we can maintain our HVAC unit. He quickly did some troubleshooting and was able to get to the root of the problem. Our air was up and running again within about an hour and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Superpages Review by sarajohnson464
It seemed like my AC unit wasn’t cooling very well and these guys came out and fixed the problem right away. It was something small. Thanks. Glad I didn’t put it off any longer.

Superpages Review by Guest66137
We have been pleased with the competent and friendly service provided by Simmons Heating and A/C. The technicians are knowledgable and willing to address an issue quickly. We own a weekend home and frequently our service contractor has to enter the house when we are away. We appreciate their honesty.

Superpages Review by Guest38960
I have used simmons for years on my home and my rentals. They have always been great and taken care of my every need not just heating and air but my home generator as well. I have left them in my home while gone many times with no problems and i get discounts as a member. I will always use them for my needs.

City Search Review:  very helpful by Lisa S.
We were looking into getting a nwe heating and AC unit and they were very helpful when I called with all my questions. They were also reasonable priced based on some of the other quotes I got. When installing it they were very kind and…



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