Protect pipes in winter

Protect your Southern MD home (and more) from winter’s freeze Maryland’s freezing temperatures may be good for ice skating or building snowmen, but sub-freezing temperatures can be dangerous for the average person and his or her home. Cold weather often leaves people scurrying to do whatever is necessary to safeguard themselves from the big chill.…

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Winter Home Heating Costs

Simple ways to save on heating costs this winter Comfort takes center stage each winter. As people look to stay warm, many may be quick to turn up the thermostat so their entire home is toasty warm. But much like cranking air conditioners during the dog days of summer, turning up the thermostat each time…

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Physical Exams Apply To Your Heating And AC, Too

Physical Exams Apply To Your Heating And AC, Too Doctors encourage yearly physical exams, and many Southern Maryland heating, and air-conditioning specialists suggest periodic HVAC checkups to ensure your system is running properly. Preventive maintenance will extend the life of your unit and save you money. With a Preventive Maintenance Agreement (PMA), offered for a…

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Air Conditioning Contractor in Southern MD

Southern MD Air Conditioning

HIGH TEMPERATURES ARE BAD FOR YOU Get relief from sunburn in Southern MD Sunburn is something nearly everyone will experience at least once in their lifetimes if you live in Southern Maryland. Though men, women and children should look to prevent sunburn entirely, sometimes sunburns occur, making those exposed to too much sun uncomfortable and…

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St. Marys Cooling Systems

Many people might choose a nice, hot day over a blustery, cold afternoon in Southern Maryland. However, excessively hot days can not only feel uncomfortable, but they can also prove life-threatening. Elderly men and women in St. Mary’s County, in particular, are susceptible to the effects of hot temperatures. According to the Centers for Disease…

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Heat pump facts

southern md heat pump company

Did you know this about heat pumps? Article Related to:  Southern MD Heat pumps, air conditioning, heating, Heat pump service company, In climates that have moderate heating and cooling requirements, heat pumps may be able to replace furnaces or air conditioning systems in a home. Heat pumps work by moving heat rather than generating heat.…

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