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Many people might choose a nice, hot day over a blustery, cold afternoon in Southern Maryland. However, excessively hot days can not only feel uncomfortable, but they can also prove life-threatening. Elderly men and women in St. Mary’s County, in particular, are susceptible to the effects of hot temperatures. According to the Centers for Disease…

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Heat pump facts

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Did you know this about heat pumps? Article Related to:  Southern MD Heat pumps, air conditioning, heating, Heat pump service company, In climates that have moderate heating and cooling requirements, heat pumps may be able to replace furnaces or air conditioning systems in a home. Heat pumps work by moving heat rather than generating heat.…

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Heating a Cold Home

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How to avoid the cold comfort of a drafty house in Southern Maryland during fall and winter. For those who live in older homes, the transition to colder weather can be extra disheartening, as the vision of expensive heating bills, chilly rooms and drafty windows dance in their heads. However, it’s easy to change the…

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