Air Conditioning factsAir Conditioning has changed our lives. Early in our history it was used to cool patients with yellow fever, it was used to cool rooms for commercial printing, and textile plants.

We are all very grateful for the invention on air conditioning. To show appreciation July 3rd to Aug. 15th is Air Conditioning appreciation days.

Facts About Air Conditioning

  • According to the United States Census Bureau 65% of Americans have central air conditioning.
  • The Census Bureau also found 22% of Americans have room or window units.
  • The first modern electrical air conditioning unit was invented in 1902 by Willis Carrier in Buffalo, New York. A system of chilled coils that maintained a cool, constant temperature.
  • Ancient Egyptians were the first to use systems that used water to lower indoor temperatures. They hung wet mats in doorways to evaporate the water and create moisture.
  • In 1851, John Gorrie’s “cold air machine” was the first patented invention was the first to resemble a modern air conditioner.
  • Stuart Cramer was the first to coin the phrase air conditioning.

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