Heat pump facts

Did you know this about heat pumps?

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In climates that have moderate heating and cooling requirements, heat pumps may be able to replace furnaces or air conditioning systems in a home. Heat pumps work by moving heat rather than generating heat. In cold weather, heat pumps will move heat from the outdoors into a home. Conversely, in summer, the heat pump will move heat from a home into the outdoors. According to the heating and cooling experts, heat energy is present even in air that seems too cold. Experts advise homeowners to think of heat pumps as heat transporters constantly moving warm air from one place to another. Heat pumps work in much the same way as refrigerators or traditional air conditioning systems. A refrigerant is pumped, and heat will move to that cooled refrigerant because heat likes to seek out cold air. Then the warmed refrigerant is used to create warm air inside the home. An air-to-air heat pump extracts heat from outside air. A ground-source heat pump will cost more, but it draws heat from the earth. The process can be reversed during the cooling season to move heat from inside to outside.

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