Control mold when using air conditioning in Southern Maryland

In Southern MD learn to control mold when using air conditioning

Stop mold before it becomes a problem in home heating and cooling systems, as air conditioners can spread mold around a home.

Exposure to mold in a home can be hazardous, leading to any number of adverse health effects, including respiratory distress. Certain strains of mold may release mycotoxins, which can cause bleeding in the lungs and pneumonia.

Mold can grow in any dark and damp spot, which makes air conditioning units prime locations for mold proliferation. Mold spores can be circulated through a home via a central air conditioning system or window air conditioning unit. Mold spores in the air are very easy to inhale, especially for young children and elderly people.

Air conditioners also are susceptible to mold growth. Preventing mold from becoming a problem means being in tune to indicators that mold may be present, and then taking the necessary actions to eradicate that mold and preventing future growth.

Visible mold or a musty smell when operating the air conditioner are prime indicators of a problem.

If you suspect mold has infiltrated your air conditioning system, consider these tips.

  • Keep equipment clean. Routinely clean dirt and debris out of air conditioning ducts and equipment. Pay special attention to organic matter, such as dirt, that may come in from outdoors.
  • Eliminate water sources. Standing water presents an ideal breeding ground for mold. If there is excess water present in or around the system, have your AC unit serviced.
  • Change the filter. Many manufacturers recommend change an HVAC filters and window unit filters once every three months at a minimum. This can prevent mold growth and reduce allergens like dust and dirt that circulate through the air.
  • Clean up the mold. Homeowners may be able to clean up a minor mold problem, but larger issues are best left to a professional. Exposure to mold can put a person and the entire household at risk, especially if mold spores are disrupted. Air conditioning repair companies and mold-removal specialists are better equipped to clean and contain mold.

Air conditioning can be a life-saver during the summer. But men and women must make sure mold doesn’t become a problem while their AC systems are in use.

If you think it’s  time to replace your air conditioning or heat pump unit call Simmons Heating and Air Conditioning today.